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The 2014 Chicago Auto Show: American Muscle

2014 and 2015 are poised to be big years for American Muscle cars. Chevrolet rolled out the new C7 Corvette as a 2014 model but ’15 brings it’s biger, bolder, stronger brother: the Z06.




Also on display, the new Camaro Z/28, one of the most exciting cars for us to see at the show. The Z/28 wore a VIN # that decoded to 2012 however, causing us to wonder if the Z show car was in fact the real deal, or an SS with new clothes. Maybe an early test car? Someone at GM knows the answer, but that someone is not us. Nonetheless, the car looks AWESOME in black with its wide fender flares, aggressive aerodynamics, and front splitter that is just waiting to tear up the straight at Gingerman or rip itself off on the first parking curb you inch too close to. Inside the Recaro seats look quite inviting as does the traditional H-pattern 6-speed gearbox, no flappy-paddles here.


New for ’15 is a completely redesigned Ford Mustang. We like it’s new look and are excited about the prospects of what the GT-500 and *gulp* GT-350 might look like. Yellow seemed to be a big color theme in this year’s show, the sign of a new trend? We like the more bulging hood with bold body lines and vents up top.



It will be interesting to see what happens with the Viper in ’15 with high prices and resultant bad sales numbers taking its toll on the SRT flagship. We hope it can hold on long enough for a rebound and have always loved its unique look and no BS attitude about straight line performance.



Last but not least, Cadillac brought back its Black Diamond CTS-V wagon. We love big power wagons and are told that on a track the wagon is the best / most balanced of the three (wagon, sedan, coupe). Unlike other “power wagons” the V is available in your choice of a 6-speed manual or paddle shift automatic and we appreciate the option. We were, however, surprised to see it here, hoping to catch a glimpse of the forthcoming new model CTS-V. This body style was phased out 2 years ago but sticks around only in the V trim…for now. It may be collectable if the new version doesn’t come with a wagon or stick shift option so buy it and 100 lbs of metal flake, while you can!


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