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Register for September SCS and Win $400 Worth of Detailing Products from Dr. Beasley’s

Edit:  RSVP Extended to Noon on Friday 8/31 – More Opportunity to Win!


Dr. Who?

We’re looking forward to our last scheduled Supercar Saturdays event of the 2012 Season taking place this coming Saturday, September 1st, at The Promenade Bolingbrook. We’re so excited in fact that we’ve teamed up with Dr. Beasley’s, our generous September event sponsor, to give away some serious prizes to SCS registrants and attendees.

Back in 2004, Jim Lafeber and his wife Nikki started Simon’s Shine Shop. As a car enthusiast and perfectionist, Jim was dissatisfied with carwashes and decided to take action. I have never seen an operation like Jim’s. Water is dispensed from ceiling-mounted hose reels. To avoid the dreaded bucket system and reusing dirty water, Jim custom engineered a second ceiling-mounted hose system to dispense foam. So what about wash mitts? Each wash station has a plastic 55-gallon drum full of clean ones and there are more washing machines than I’ve seen in some laundromats to handle the used ones. I can go on and on about how impressed I am with Jim’s carwash creation (find me at the event and I will) but that’s not what we’re talking about today.

As you can tell, Jim is a problem solver. Where most people accept imperfection, Jim and his team at Dr. Beasley’s consider it a welcome challenge, developing a prescription to treat every car care ailment. When Jim received feedback from a Simon’s Shine Shop customer that the high-end leather products he was using did a great job of cleaning and conditioning the leather in his German cars but left behind an undesirable shine, Jim began looking for a new solution. After trying a plethora of products to no avail, Jim set up a laboratory and went to work; Dr. Beasley’s was born. Since then Dr. Beasley’s has overcome a plethora of problems ranging from creating a car wash soap that doesn’t leave your hands dry to developing a complex system to wash and care for matte paint. That’s right, the same paint that some manufacturers can’t tell you how to wash or maintain. Jim’s matte paint system is so good in fact that a major manufacturer is going to include a bag of Dr. Beasley’s Matte Paint Prescription in every matte car they sell beginning in the 2013 model year.

What You Can Win

Dr. Beasley’s is giving away two custom detail kits outfitted with Dr. Beasley’s products personally selected to meet the specific needs of YOUR car. Not the do it yourself type? Dr. Beasley’s is willing to trade the winners a detail of comparable value at Simon’s Shine Shop instead. Simply drop your car off and let the professionals do the rest! You win, you choose, it’s that simple!

How To Win –  2 Ways

There are two ways to enter and we recommend taking advantage of both of them! Click here and RSVP to attend the September 1st Supercar Saturdays event before 9 AM on Thursday  12 Noon on Friday 8/31. Keep reading, you won’t want to miss #2!2) Visit the Dr. Beasley’s tent at the September SCS event and sign up for their email list. You’ll be entered to win one of the two grand prizes and as an added bonus will receive a free Dr. Beasley’s product goodie bag just for signing up!


We look forward to seeing you at the September 1st event next Saturday at The Promenade Bolingbrook.