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Moving to Singapore? Park a Supercar in Your Living Room!

The Hamilton Scotts development in Singapore invites you to “imagine a home the celebrates your most fervent passions.”

Supercar owners living in an exclusive high-rise apartment block can now park their beloved motors in their living rooms. Hamilton Scotts in Singapore is a brand-new 30-story development where condos cost between $8.9 and $22.2 million. With parking in the city limited, the skyscraper designer came up with an innovative way of parking some of the planets fastest cars. Residents simply drive their 200mph vehicles into a biometrically-controlled lift at the base of Hamilton Scotts on the city’s swanky Orchard Road.

 Have time to do some more research of you own? Have you seen something similar? Comment below and we’ll post it!

June 2013 Supercar Saturdays Event Video by WOT Films – Sponsored by Midwest Motors, Inc.

What a great event last month at Bannockburn Green! An incredible mix of cars turned out for a sunny event with clear skies despite the typical SCS forecast of “scattered storms”. Special thanks to Midwest Motors, Inc. for sponsoring the event, Adam from WOT Films for documenting it, and the UIC Formula SAE Team for bringing their car out!

August 2012 Supercar Saturdays Event Video

What an incredible event! We were very fortunate to once again have an incredible mix of cars at our August 2012 event. From the only COMP version of 14 hand made aluminum bodied Cobras fabricated by AC in England and the extremely rare Mercedes 300 SL “Gullwing” to the KTM X-BOW and the first McLaren MP4-12C we’ve seen in white (or any color other than orange ironically). Even Lightning McQueen made an appearance! Big thanks to Adam and Mike at WOT Films and our event sponsor, Hooked on Driving.

Life of an F1 Driver From Cradle To Podium – First Person View

This fantastic promo video from the BBC shows the first person view of life as an F1 Driver from the cradle through karting and all the way up to the championship. Check it out, it’s well worth the minute and a half of your time…as if the seductive preview frame they selected wasn’t enough to convince you!

Thanks Sarah!

Supercar Saturdays Featured on ABC 7 News

ABC was kind enough to stop by toward the end of the July 7, 2012 Supercar Saturdays event and feature us on the Weekend ABC 7 News. We had a fantastic turnout of over 250 cars despite the 100+ degree temperature. Thanks to everyone for coming out and helping make the July event a success! Special thanks to our July 2012 event sponsor Chicago Motor Cars for bringing out some incredible vehicles to share with us and for helping make Supercar Saturdays possible!

Unfortunately the news clip was not available online so I had to put my iPhone to work and record it from the TV. As such, I apologize for the video quality but I’m sure the July video from WOT Films will help redeem us. Also, it’s important to note that there is an August 4th SCS event taking place at Bannockburn Green in addition to the September 1st event at The Promenade Bolingbrook mentioned in the clip!

What is Supercar Saturdays? This video from June explains it all!

Thanks to our good friends at WOT Films and everyone who attended the June SCS event, we’re pleased to present the June 2012 event video. The video features interviews with the SCS team as well as all of the amazing and diverse cars you’ve come to expect at Supercar Saturdays events.

One of The Best Car Commercials I’ve Seen in A Long Time

I came across this gem while watching an episode of American Chopper and thought it was too good not to share. The below commercial for an STP fuel treatment discusses what many of us encounter on a daily basis: people who shouldn’t be driving in the left lane blocking us from the open asphalt we long for.