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The 2014 Chicago Auto Show: European Hammers

Dear BMW: you’re not Audi, an M3 can be available in both coupe and sedan – even convertible if you want. It’s not necessary to neatly line them up against Audi’s S5 by having different numbers for different body styles of the same chassis, muddying the water with 2 cars when there should only be one. Furthermore, the original M3 WAS A TWO DOOR, why not make the M4 the 4-door?!? Here it is, the new M3 4-Door in near as makes no difference Laguna Seca Blue. We love blue, but LSB was a horrible shade last time, this is slightly better, but not good enough to offer. What’s next, Phoenix Yellow?


Sexy coupe-inspired sedan, room for 4 (yes, 4) and plenty of power on tap here in the RS trim. Finished off with a phenomenal shade of blue (hint hint, nudge nudge BMW) the Audi RS7 is sure to be a winner! Stop by and drool, I know we did.


Yesterday’s news, the SLS “Final Edition”. Will they sell? Maybe, but only because there is certain to be a limited number produced. Aside from that, people either already purchased them or have been holding out for an SLS Black Series which is like bringing a gun to a knife fight as compared to a “regular” SLS in both appearance and strength.