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About V12 Automotive

Founded by Supercar Saturdays attendees, V12 Automotive is a Chicago based automotive club for enthusiasts looking for the next level in automotive storage, detailing, vehicle transport, and enhancements.

Featuring valet-style service from the city and suburbs to their downtown Chicago facility, V12 Automotive removes the hassle of finding someone to pick you up when you need to take your car in for storage or detailing. Want your car trailered to their facility instead of driven? No problem! Want to pick up your Ferrari for the weekend and leave your Range Rover in its place? You’re welcome to do so. At V12, you have a space in their newly renovated facility for as much time as you need it, what you park there is up to you! V12’s attention to detail and customer service is unlike anything experienced before. Being passionate about automobiles is the only prerequisite. Whether you are storing one auto or a whole collection of them, V12 Automotive will meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

Call them directly: in the City (312) 656-0420 or in the suburbs at (847) 344-1606 or email

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  • Vacuum, Interior, and Window Cleaning
  • Paint Correction / Buff, and Polish
  • Zymol Wax

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