The 2014 Chicago Auto Show: The Invasion of Japanese Supercars


The 2014 Chicago Auto Show is home to what appears in our eyes to be an absolute plethora of past, present, and future Japanese Supercars…we’re excited. The newest supercar to debut is the 2014 Toyota FT-1. We’ve longed for a suitable car to replace the Supra ever since it was discontinued over a decade ago and (like everyone else) are hoping this is it. Time will tell if the FT-1 reaches production and of course how much the production car will differ from the concept below. All we can say is it’s worth a trip to the show just to check out. From the radiator fan setup to the interior, built in air jacks (that will never, ever see production) to the overall design, “she’s a looker”.







New Nissan GT-R Nismo – Moar Better

When it burst onto the scene in 2009, the Nissan GT-R excited automotive enthusiasts and has continued to do so annually ever since. The best part in ’09 was its reasonable asking price, the worst part was dealer mark-up. Fastforward to 2014 and the MSRP of this Nismo performance model is almost 200% of the original MSRP. That’s right, this bad boy is expected to be over $150,000 when it becomes available for purchase. A bit steep – used Ferrari territory, but for a very capable car to be sure and she sure is purty!


Lexus LF-A – More than meets the eye

The Lexus LF-A hasn’t been for sale in years. Much like when manufacturers occupy booth space with race cars, for example, the LF-A still draws a crowd. One of the best things about the LF-A is the sound. Fine tuned to an exacting frequency, it is certain to send shivers up your spine. The display this year features one LF-A. It’s gorgeous, look at it, but don’t miss the console directly behind the car itself that allows you to play and maneuver the exhaust note to your hearts content. We were there for much longer than we’ll admit. It sure is sexy.



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