Dr. Beasley’s Detailing Product Giveaway Winners Announced


Many of you who registered for and attended the September Supercar Saturdays event sponsored by Dr. Beasley’s took advantage of two opportunities to win over $400 of Dr. Beasley’s products specifically chosen for your vehicle. There was a bit of a snag in the process as a couple people who were chosen as winners didn’t reply back to us! The SCS team continued to go down the list and the winners have finally been officially determined. Congratulations to Dan P and Steve M! Always register for SCS events for a chance to win other cool prizes!

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  1. DanP says:

    Thank you so much to Dr. Beasley’s and the organizers of Supercar Saturdays. I’m really looking forward to getting this kit since I’ve actually been using the samples I got from the show back in August. If you see a B5 Blue Dodge Challenger or a Black Centennial Edition Corvette that’s extra shiny at the next SCS, you’ll know why!

    –Dan P.

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