Preferred Parking, Not For Now

No Preferred least not for now

As anyone who has brought a car out to Supercar Saturdays in the past 3 seasons knows, we highly recommend registering for Supercar Saturdays events. There are several reasons to register:

  1. It lets us know who’s coming and how many. While all SCS events are well attended, some are better attended than others. As such, this information is important to ensure that the SCS team and our venues have enough staff on hand to ensure the best event possible. Additionally, it lets vendors and sponsors know what to expect to ensure there are enough people serving coffee, etc. (We give them as much info as possible, but at the end of the day, it’s their business decision)
  2. It lets us inform people in the event anything changes. Once in a while something happens: a road gets closed, Illinois’ finest set up a fundraiser, a street is torn up that you’d probably like to avoid, etc. Rather than spam the whole SCS database, we only inform people who have said they’re coming to a given event.
  3. It lets us give stuff away. SCS has never and will never sell or give anyone access to our cherished email database. Once in a while, however, sponsors offer the opportunity for SCS attendees to win things. Sometimes those sponsors want to give something away only to people attending the event they sponsored. In this instance, we offer the opportunity for people to win great stuff (like trackdays etc.).
  4. It allows us to set up “preferred parking“. Preferred parking guarantees parking spaces (as close to center as possible depending on arrival time) to early registrants

Why we’re abolishing Preferred Parking…at least for now:

We started SCS to bring Chicagoland car culture together regardless of whether people drive Lamborghinis, Hondas, or anything in between. The SCS team¬† receives requests to park similar cars together. The fact is that it looks better for photography. The problem, however, is that when you organize cars in that fashion, BMW drivers end up parked near only other BMW drivers, etc. This has resulted in people not parking near their friends as well as the accusation that SCS favors a particular type of car. (That’s completely untrue by the way, since starting SCS, the team has owned the following cars: Mini Cooper S, Nissan GT-R, Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche 911, Mitsubishi Starion, FJ Cruiser, Jeep Wrangler, Ford Raptor, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Audi S4, Volkswagen R32, etc. — as you can tell we run the gamut on vehicles)

In short:

  • People show up early and get angry when they’re asked to move their car because we’ve mapped out parking to achieve the goal above
  • People show up late and get angry when they don’t get Preferred Parking
  • People feel we favor one make or type of cars over another
  • It requires the SCS team to stand there and check people in, we’re all volunteers and “check-in” can be a bit of a nightmare…you know, like when someone starts yelling at you at 8 AM when you’ve been up since 5 and are VOLUNTEERING your time

Although we may re-institute Preferred Parking in the future, we’re starting the 2012 season without it. That said, we HIGHLY recommend that everyone attending an event continue to register for their and our benefit (shown in reasons 1-3 above).

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