Welcome to the New Supercar Saturdays Website

Welcome to the new Supercar Saturdays website! The site not only looks different, but was also completely redesigned from the ground up to provide you with a better overall user experience.

The sleek new look was designed by the boys at Uncommon Thinking and implemented on Nova Libra’s awesome CORAL back end.

As you may have noticed, we’ve added a bunch of new functionality to the site including this blog which we will use to keep you up to date on SCS information as well as profile interesting cars and their owners, document the build of our very own Supercar Saturdays car, and much more!

The site functions differently specifically in the realm of registering for events. On the old site you had to go to the RSVP page and fill out a form with information about you and your car each and every time.

The new registration system saves you time and energy by allowing you to create your own user account, add cars, and then register one or more of those cars for a given event. All of your vehicle information is stored so next time you can simply log in and register!

Here’s how to do it the first time:

  1. Go to http://www.supercarsaturdays.com/ and click on the RSVP link in the registration bar at the top:
  2. Click on “Click here to register” next to New User at the top
  3. Fill out the registration form then click on the Submit Registration button in the bottom right corner
  4. Click on “Click here to register a new car not listed above”
  5. Fill out the form then click “Submit Car”
  6. Check the box next to the car you wish to register and click on the RSVP button.
  7. You’re all set, you should receive a confirmation email shortly. Next time simply click on RSVP, enter the email address and password you specified in step 2 above and you’re good to go; your car info will already be saved!

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